January 2018

The Black Loch – 27th January

Please see below the list for those fishing the black loch on Saturday the 27th. Please get in touch with our events manager Stewart McMatch if you have any questions.

Fishing times 8:30 - 16:00
Pay on the day.

2. Brian Gerrard. Eddie Brophy
3. Barry Watson. Steven Mitchell
4. Tom Brown. Gary Craig
5. Dan KIlcullen. Jim Horsburgh
6. Alec Stark. Gary Clark
7. Steven Ewing. James Brady
8. Alex Davie. Dougie Male
9. Sean Anderson. Johnny nimmo
10 Barry Gillan. Steven Provan
11 Stewart Mortimer. John Mortimer
12 Max Campbell. David Hendry
13. Darren Inglis. Colin Campbell
14. Chris Sharp. Peter Dunnachie
15. Stewart Mcmath. Davy Turley
16. Andy Irvine. Declan McCusker
17. Brian Chalmers. Rocco Chalmers
18. Mark Wishart. Greg Henderson
19. Stephen Tapley Krisy Smith
20. Garry Lewis. Francis Ruiz