AGM Mega Raffle Prize Alert #3

AGM Mega Raffle Prize Alert #3

Today, we have a couple of lures to add to the ever-growing list of prizes for the Mega Raffle.  First up we have a T-Bone glider kindly donated by British Lure Builder Dave Greenwood.  From Dave's Website: "The T-Bone is a medium sinking glide bait, roughly sinking at 3 seconds per foot, 15cm long and weights 70grams"

Next we have a River Run Manta glider kindly donated by Chico's Lures.  Manta's need no introduction having been around for many years now and are established Pike catchers.  This one is a regular sinker in Black Perch Pattern.

Many thanks to Dave and Chico for their continued support of the club!!

Ciaran Wilson

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