Site updates


Hello and welcome to Esox Scotland, the new home for the Pike Anglers Alliance for Scotland. Firstly I would like to thank our members for their patience over the few weeks or so as we made the transition to our new site. The committee made the decision to  produce a new website that is easier to update and keep everyone informed. A task that was not easy on our old platform! With this new design it is a piece of cake for us to login and write a blog post / update a webpage as and when we need it, which makes all the difference!

Please bear with us as we are currently adding some new imagery and adding some extra features for the site that will allow our members to login and gain access to privileged areas, such as our magazine, events and our shop. (We are currently in the middle of rebranding our product lines and the shop will be live once this is complete.) The events section should make everybody's life a bit easier when it comes to applying / paying for events. We are also in the process of producing some new video content for the site that will include trace making / fishing techniques etc.

So please take a look around and if you have any suggestions / notice any bugs please drop me an email at:

I will endeavor to keep you guys posted when we have made any update to the site to keep everyone in the know. so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates regarding the site,  events and meetings.

Thanks again,

Chris Sharp

Assistant Secretary