Trace Making

wire Trace making, although easy when learned, is one of the most important aspects of deadbait pike fishing and can make or break your days pike fishing.

The tools you will need are available in most tackle shops or online shops, for the purpose of this demonstration we have used the following materials:

- 28lb Drennan 7 strand trace wire (coated or uncoated)

 - A twiddling stick or small forceps(to twist the wire)

 - A pair of good quality wire cutters or pliers

 - 2 x Eagle Claw 4x size 4 treble hooks

 -  1 x 100lb breaking strain power swivel

 - And a gas lighter

Firstly I cut the trace wire to around 22-24 inches. Then I feed the wire through the eye of the bottom treble then round the base of the hook and turn the wire three times back up the shank of the hook and back up through the eye of the treble

I then use the lighter to 'detemper' the loose end of the wire so that it is easier to “twist” the wire and form a good end. Please note: Only anneal the very end of the tag end of the wire and never at any point should heat be applied to any other part of the trace





You might want to at this point feed a heat shrink sleeve over the twist to stop any tag ends forming.

I then slip the second hook down the wire and hold it around a palms width away and bend the wire down the hook (see photo c) and around the bottom and twist three times up the shank and feed through the eye being careful not to “kink” the wire.

Then I form a loop at the top end of the trace and I feed through the eye of the swivel and gently fold over the swivel and tighten up. I then heat the tag end and twist wire to form the final knot.

You now have a properly made trace that can withstand all the power of any size of pike and that can also be made in the space of five minutes.